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Iphone 6 welcome crystal sapphire review

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Iphone 6 Apple asking of many enthusiasts when the iphone 6 release date coming out in 2014 with sapphire crystal. and there is a mention that the material will wear of Sapphire Crystal. but this is in part because some blog that reported the false rumors about the release date for the new iPhone in 2014. Simply put, you will not see the iPhone 6 launch in May and this popular claim by misguided journalists even before the WWDC 2014.

iPhone 46 If you’re still asking when will the iPhone 6 was released, then you might want to look at some other signs for when it might come out, or at least a release window. GT Advanced technology backed by Apple to produce a lot of Sapphire Crystal, which is caused by a scratch-resistant Apple know how this material is, despite the latest statement by GT in earnings reported hints towards the Sapphire Crystal for iphone 6 release date .

There you have it the reader product reviews, you now know when the new iPhone 6 won’t be out by 2014 some signals a strong and consistent approach release by Apple. If you hear a month “may” again, just ignore the rumors of crazy people.

Product GT Advanced signal iPhone 6 release date of Windows in their earnings reports, it is clear that the income will be the GT is around $ 20-30 million in quarter one this year, something similar in the second quarter, then they estimated about $ 500-700 million for the second half of 2014. It is clear that the iPhone 6 with Sapphire Crystal will earn income level, especially after a clear partnership between Apple and GT Advanced technology.

This is amazing You will welcome the Sapphire Crystal on the iphone 6 release date, and whether you have the ideal screen size for generation for  8.

Personally, we welcome the benefits of Sapphire but felt it really is the time Apple increase screen size for those who want something much bigger. Also there should be a 4.5 inch option for those of us who like more like a phone handset.

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